Chilean Radiata Pine Plywood

Chilean Radiata Pine Plywood

We are the largest Chilean Radiata Pine Manufacturers located in Peixian ,Xuzhou ,China ,Pine plywood is our production advantage ,as we import pine logs and lumber also ,can get selected premimum pine face veneer and core veneer .

Radiata-pine plywood originates from Chilli. Regular pruning of trees helps produce mainly knot-free veneers, allowing for nearly fault- and blemish-free finishing with face veneers. Connoisseurs count Chilean radiate-pine plywood among the most beautiful of construction panels.

The front has an almost flawless veneer; it may contain a few wooden or putty repairs. The backside is allowed to have a few small flaws, but in general it’s a closed surface. Quality B/C is well sanded on both sides. Because of the factory’s very modern machinery, this panel has a well-balanced and uniform composition.


WBP – in accordance with EN 314-2 class 3 exterior. Also complies to international standards TECO PS1-95, DIN 68705-3:1981-12, JPIC.


2440 x 1220 mm: 9 – 12 – 15 – 18 mm. Square edges.

Also available in:
2440 x 1220 mm: 18 mm. TG2. Working width: 1200 mm.
2440 x   610 mm: 18 mm. TG4. Working width: 590 mm

Other thicknesses at request.


Approx. 540 kg/m3



18 mm = 11 AND 13 plies.

Technical datasheet with mechanical properties will be send at request.


Because of its smooth surface radiata pine plywood is suitable for many applications, such as carpentry, crating, furniture building, etc.
Also structural use in floors and walls in permanent buildings.