New Zealand Pine Plywood

New Zealand Pine Plywood

We are the top leadning New Zealand Pine Plywood manufacturer produce New Zealand Radiata Pine Faced Poplar Chinese Plywood in peixian ,xuzhou ,china .

General Description:

Core veneers are manufactured from poplar grown in China. Surface veneers are of NZ Radiata pine, 0.3mm thick prior to sanding. The board is normally manufactured with an odd number of plies, each ply being oriented at 90 degrees to the adja-cent one, to create a balanced construction. The face and reverse veneers are oriented in the direction of the longest dimen-sion.

Packing and weights:

9 100 14.8
12 75 19.7
18 50 29.4
24 36 40.0

Please note: Actual packing quantities may vary.

Physical Data:

Density – 540 – 610 kg/m3
Moisture Content – 10% +/- 3%
Strength Data – Not available for this product
Tolerances – To BS EN 315


Applications: Site hoardings, boarding up, exhibition stands, structural and non-structural construction work